Basic Facts Regarding Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

There is no pressure on any man in bed with his spouse or spouse about whether his manhood will work. But, there are lots of men that deal with erectile dysfunction problems that affect the pleasure which they enjoy. One can reduce the occurrences of erectile dysfunction if they take great care of their manhood. However, at times, to reach the sexual level one desires, they require more. In the recent years, scientists have developed pills that have had a significant effect on erectile dysfunction. But, there is a new treatment known as shockwaves which is being tried out as treatment.

A lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction do not like talking about it. According to a research done lately, 40 percent of men encounter this dilemma by the time that they turn forty. And by the time they get to seventy years, nearly 70% of them have this problem.

The inability to attain and maintain a manhood which is erect such that it results in unsatisfactory sexual activity is what is known as erectile dysfunction. This may mean that their manhood doesn’t get tough enough to be successful in penetration or it may grow to be rather tender after penetration.

Though there are diverse factors that influence erectile dysfunction; it often involves insufficient sufficient blood flow to someone’s manhood. Either a sufficient quantity of blood doesn’t fill the adrenal gland that is responsible for erectile dysfunction or when the blood circulation is sufficient, it doesn’t get to the rectal tissue. In such circumstances, this means that the man might feel sexually aroused but the body parts which allow him to have an erection don’t work as they should.

So what motivates scientists to employ shockwaves to treat erectile dysfunction?

Shockwaves, regardless of the name, do not have anything to do with electricity. Shockwaves are acoustic waves which result from sound, and they carry energy with them. They are typically used to deal with other health ailments like cardiac problems, kidney stones or inflammation of the joints. Low level shockwaves aimed at a highly specific place just like a kidney stone. This leads to the breaking of the stone, so it gets out of the body via the urinary tract.

The idea of utilizing shockwaves to deal with erectile dysfunction is that the acoustic waves contribute to small tears in the penile blood vessels. The body responds to this the via a procedure called neovascularization, so it generates new blood vessels at the locations that are affected. With the new penile blood vessels, the pathways which are unobstructed are opened for the blood to flow into the spongy tissue, and thus the tissue does its work effectively.

Using shockwaves to treat erectile dysfunction remains in the experimental stages, and lots of doctors and scientists believe that it still has good promise.

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