All About A Waterjet Cutter

A water jet cutter is used for cutting metal and other materials through the use of a jet of water that has high pressure and high velocity. You can have a mixture of water and an abrasive substance when cutting some materials. The function of a water jet cutter is too carve, shape, cut and reaming.

Manufacture of machinery parts and devices is done using water jet cutters. A water jet cutter can be used in industries such as aerospace, mining, and others. A water jet cutter is suitable for cutting metal because it does not interfere with the structure of the material.

A water jet cutter is very useful for cutting a material such as titanium.
Tempered glass should not be cut using a water jet cutter because it will shatter. When using a water jet cutter it is easy to switch between an abrasive waterjet cutting and water only cutting.

When an experienced expert uses a water jet cutter, they will be able to cut accurately on the materials they’re working on. One can be able to avoid dangerous fumes when cutting fiberglass by submerging the material while cutting. When cutting carbon steel using a water jet cutter, there will be a smooth cut with no cracking or burn marks.

A water jet cutter will cut quickly when used on aluminum and there will be no thermal distortion. One can get a clean job of cutting aluminum using a water jet cutter. Experts use water jet cutters for cutting thick aluminum because they make cutting easy. Metals such as copper and brass can also be cut using water jet cutters.
One can use a water jet cutter for cutting bulletproof panels, and ultra-thin panels that are used for smartphones. Stained glass window panels can be cut using a water jet cutter.

When cutting glass, a water jet cutter can be used with both low pressure and high-pressure mode. Waterjet cutters can be used for cutting countertops such as granite countertops and quartz countertops by professionals.

A water jet cutter is also suitable for cutting mirrors, decorative wall panels, and marble flooring. A water jet cutter can also be used for designing sculptural artwork from concrete.

Some instances are suitable for using a water jet cutters for ceramics.

Finally, water jet cutters can be used for cutting foam rubber as well as soft rubber. Buying a water jet cutter from a reputable company will be a wise decision.

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