A vehicle is often a necessity for many people. It provides the necessary transportation to get to the things they need to do. This is why it is important to keep a vehicle maintained to ensure it continues to provide the necessary transportation. Keeping a vehicle running is only part of the maintenance needed. It is also important to ensure a vehicle slows and stops properly to ensure safety on the road. Proper maintenance and Brake Repair can help ensure the vehicle can stop and slow when needed.

What are the brakes?

The brakes in a vehicle are actually an entire system that provides the ability to slow and stop a car. The brake pedal applies pressure to the lines of fluid that allow the proper pressure to be applied to the brake pads to slow or stop a car. When the pressure is applied to the brakes, the brake pads press against the rotors of the wheel to slow and stop the wheels from turning. Any problems with this system should be inspected right away to ensure safety of those in and around the vehicle.

Signs of problems

Any changes in the way a vehicle brakes can be a sign of a problem with the ability to stop properly. If the brake pedal feels as if it is pushing farther than normal or feels spongy, there may be an issue with the pressure in the lines. Squealing when the brakes are applied could mean that the brake pads need to be replaced. If there is grinding when stopping, the brake pads have probably worn through and are damaging the rotor.

Getting repairs

Any of these issues and signs with the way the braking system works should be cause for alarm. If the brakes are not stopping the car properly or thoroughly, the car should not be driven. It should be taken to the nearest repair shop to ensure safety of the driver and those around. Brake pad wear can pose risks, as well. If not replaced while squealing, they can cause damage to the rotor and create more costly repairs.

Brakes are a vital part of a vehicle’s safety and proper driving. Regular maintenance and checks of this system can prevent many problems associated with the brakes. Facilities, such as Lex Brodie’s, can provide services and inspections of the braking system to keep a car safe.